Dodo Peak is being developed by Moving Pieces Interactive.

  • Release Date: Fall 2019

  • Planned Platforms: iOS, Apple TV and MacOS

  • Developed in: Unreal Engine

  • Contact Email:

Description: DodoPeak is a classic arcade platformer that creates a nostalgic experience reminiscent of classic arcade games.  Though simple at its core, it adds layers of strategy and exploration to challenge the mind.  With our love for mixing modern design with classic game play, the team is passionately crafting a timeless experience for all ages.


The Team

James Bartley is an award winning app developer and animator from New York City.  His first app Melody Jams, a music game for kids, has been featured multiple times on the app store and has over a half a million downloads.  James has spent the last decade working in the animation industry with a wide variety of clients and brands. He currently lives in Silicon Valley where he also focuses on crafting motion languages for some of the world’s biggest companies. You can usually find him over caffeinated and talking with his hands.

Patrick McAvena is a NYC VFX veteran who has worked for countless clients, brands, and studios as a 3D technical artist. Over the last two years he’s developed a love for development and now spends most of his time in Unreal and Unity. He is currently freelancing and taking on a wide variety of different projects and roles. He mostly works from his home office where he spends his days trying to keep his cat from climbing on his keyboard.

The music and sound design is currently being worked on by the talented Nathan W. Mckee. He was also the lead composer that brought the app Melody Jams to life and created the music that quickly spread across the world. Maxime Bourgeois, a talented illustrator from Montreal, has also been working with the team in helping craft the world of DodoPeak. You can see his illustration style come through in every peak as he helps us art direct the project.

Promotional stills


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